Wedding photography

Wedding photography is such a rewarding and humbling task.

A family that I don’t really know invite me to be a fly on the wall for their very special day of celebration. How beautiful is that?! The best part for me is how everyone wears their emotions on their sleeves. Some people always do, but others only pull them out on occasions like a wedding.

I take it you are getting married since you are here on this page, and if so; congratulations! I hope your preparations so far have been smooth and stress free. Choosing the right wedding photographer can be so time consuming and difficult. I think the most important thing to remember is to chose someone that you connect with personally. Of course you must like the photographer’s style too, but the connection is crucial. After all you are choosing a person to be there and document one of the biggest days of your life. Maybe I could be the person who sorts out your wedding photography?