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Hi there, I’m glad you found this little corner of my website! Family photography is one of my favourites things to shoot! Yes, it can be challenging with kids and dogs and cats and parents trying to coax everyonbe to be on their best behaviour. But I love the chaos and it makes me smile seeing other families and the dynamics within them. Time really does fly by so fast and I think capturing some moments to look back on is one thing we should all commit to! Scroll for more about my

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Maternity photography

Maternity shots can be so much more than inside a studio. I prefer to go for a wander in a park or at the beach, maybe your favourite place to hang out, or the spot where you had your first date.

The best time for maternity photography is when you are around 30 weeks pregnant. Your bump will be nice and plump by then, and not too heavy and uncomfortable yet.




Maternity photography cost


-1 hour session at a location of your choice within the Perth and Fremantle regions

-minimum 20 digital images in high and low resolution

-standard retouching

-online gallery with options for buying prints and enlargements




Newborn photography

I am not going to pose your baby in a flower, or propped up resting her head in her hands or any other unnatural way. As with all my photography I approach newborn photography with a documentary style. I include a variety of shots from the three hours we spend together. It could be crying, sleeping, breastfeeding, cute funny tongue pokes, cuddling, tiny tootsies or tender strokes from dad. I am into reality and think that is far more interesting and beautiful than any airbrushed, picture perfect insta reality out there.




Newborn photography cost


-3 hour session at your house allowing time for feeding, cuddling, settling, singing, rocking and soothing

-minimum 30 digital images in high and low resolution

-standard retouching

-online gallery with options for buying prints and enlargements



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Baby photography

Don’t worry if you missed out on getting newborn shots because you were a milk leaking sleep dreprived zombie that could not organise to get out of your pyjamas, let alone a photoshoot. I know what it’s like – that was me, I coulnd’t even organise to get my camera out of the bag for the first few weeks. Babies of all ages are fit for photos, and having a collection of beautiful shots of those tiny milestones like when they first laugh, first tooth pops out and first wobbly attempts of sitting up is so precious when the years have flown by.




Family photography

Yes, of course we will get shots of you all together during your family photography session. But I also love documenting the inbetween moments when everyone’s guard is down. Sweet interactions between loved ones never gets boring to me. We will spend at least an hour for the session, I find most kids and adults alike have had enough by then. Having that time allows me to gain trust with the kids and also time for a snack break, because everyone needs a treat from time to time!





Family photography cost


-1 hour session at an outside location of your choice within the Perth & Fremantle regions

-minimum 30 digital images in high and low resolution

-standard retouching

-online gallery with options for buying prints and enlargements



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The golden hour

The last hour of light before the sun goes down is called the golden hour, and it is every photographers favourite time to shoot. If you want photos with soft golden romantic  light make sure to mention it to me, and we can find a time that suits. This lighting works great for all types of outdoor photography and the soft quality and long shadows can not be achieved at any other time of day.

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