Frequently asked questions:

How long before the wedding do you recommend booking?

The sooner the better after your wedding date is set. I take bookings up to 18 months in advance. Popular dates (long weekends and Saturdays in spring and autumn) often book out early, but never say never, you could be lucky and snatch a date only a few months before your wedding day.

Do you cover the South West Region?

Yes, although I am based in Fremantle just south of Perth I travel to the Margaret River region for wedding shoots, and I don’t stop there. Ask me for prices to bring me along to your exotic destination wedding already:)

Will you bring a second shooter for our wedding?

No, unless you ask specifically for it. I am a one woman show. I am very used to and quietly confident with shooting solo.

What happens if you are sick on our wedding day?

So far this has never happened and hopefully it never will. However should the need for help arise I can assure you that I am apart of a very supportive community of Perth wedding photographers. We all look out for each other and step in for each other if need be.

How long does it take before we get our wedding photos?

You will receive a few sneak peeks in the first week after your wedding. Your full gallery will be available within 6 weeks.

Do we have to provide you with a shot list?

I photograph everything that catches my eye, pulls at my heartstrings, makes me laugh, cry or stop in my tracks. The little things, the big moments, the moments in between the other moments, so don’t worry about a shot list, I’ve got this covered!

Saying that, if you have an extensive list of various family photo combinations that are important to you, make a list and give it to someone who is keen to help. Someone who has a loud voice and who knows everyone on the list:)

Would you like a meal?

Yes please, that would be fantastic!

Will you party with us when you are done?

I would have loved to, but I am usually pretty knackered after hours on my feet carrying heavy gear and constant focusing. Don’t mind a piece of cake though before I get in the car and head home:)

My cousin has offered to photograph my wedding, I could save a lot of money, should I do that?

No! Unless your cousin is a professional photographer who is experienced shooting weddings, has all necessary insurances, gear, backup gear, procedures to ensure your memories are safely recorded and backed up, professional computer, software and skills to deliver a set of tastefully edited, high quality artistic images that will stand the test of time. In years to come your wedding photos could be one of few things left of your day, treat yourselves to a professional wedding photographer.

We are a bit shy and feel awkward in front of the camera, is that ok?

Majority of my couples say the same. I get it, as soon as someone points a camera at me I am awkward AF. Behind the camera though I have spent years honing the skills of making people relax and have a laugh. Embrace the moment, embrace the awkward, embrace laughter with (and at) each other, embrace each other and embrace me. Ok, maybe not me, that would make it pretty hard to photograph you, but you get what I am saying. Loved up touchy feely laughy happy couples get loved up touchy feely laughy happy wedding photos:)

Can you help with our timeline?

Absolutely, I am all about sharing the knowledge I have gained over the years. Send me an email and we can work it out together.

Should we meet before the wedding?

I love meeting up with my couples before the day. It takes the edge off for the wedding day. Having had a coffee (or a sneaky beer/wine) beforehand gives us all a baseline. When we see each other on your wedding day there is no need for intros and the trust that I need you to have in me has already been established.

How do we book?

You can use the contact form (button below) to let me know you are keen. To hold your date I need a non refundable retainer of $500. The remainder is then due 1 month before your wedding.

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